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Fishing Tackle Unlimited has assembled some of the best professional anglers on the Gulf Coast. All of these anglers are full-time professionals who spend most of their days on the water.

We specialize in fishing tackle and gear that can be used trolling for salmon, steelhead and trout including: salmon flies, trout flies, dodgers, flashers, diving devices, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line and wire, trolling spoons, body baits, artifical cut bait and bait holders, and other lures. We also carry fishing gear and tackle that can be used fishing from shore or wading your favorite salmon river or trout stream. Click on any picture or description for a view
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Salmon and Trout Trolling DVDs Special
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Available Salmon Angler
Ball Bearing
Snap Swivels Spawn Sack Kits, Material,
Thread, and Machines:

Water Wolf hd Underwater Camera

Customer and Friends
Fishing Photograph Gallery

Dodgers and Flashers
for trolling

  • Waterproof Tape used for customizing your own dodgers and flashers

  • Abe&AL Flashers
  • Action Flashers
  • Challenger Flashers:
    • 8 inch Flashers
    • 11 inch Flashers
  • Coyote Flashers
  • Dreamweaver Flashers:
    • Paddle Flashers
    • Baby Spin Dr
    • 8 inch Spin Doctor
    • 10 inch Spin Doctor
  • Gold Star Silver Horde:
    • Double BB Flashers
    • Gold Star Dodgers
    • Gold Star Stubby
  • Hot Spot Flashers:
    • 8 inch Flashers
    • 11 inch Flashers
  • Luhr Jensen Dodgers:
    • 4 inch Dodgers
    • 6 inch Dodgers
    • 8 inch Dodgers
  • Oki Flashers:
    • 8 inch Flashers
    • 8 inch Magna Glow
    • 8 inch Magna Glow Splatter Flashers
    • 8 inch Clearwater
    • 11 inch Flashers
  • Oki Kingfisher Flasher
  • ProChip Flashers
  • Custom Pro Chip
       Flashers by
       Michigan Stinger
  • Pro King Flashers
    and Cowbells
    for trolling
  • CAGI Fish Call
  • EChip Kits
  • WTP Fish Strips
  • Luhr Jensen:
    • Cowbell Lake Trolls
    • 6 pak Schoolies
    • Dave Davis Large Lake Trolls
  • Michigan Stinger
       Fish Trap Rig
  • Moonshine Lures
       Moon Bells
    Fish Scents and Attractants
  • Pro Cure Bait
       Injector System
  • Atlas Mikes:
    • Gels and Bait Oils
    • Bait Oil Spray
    • Lunker Lotion
  • Berkley Power Bait:
    • Berkley Bio Dip color die for Gulp and Gulp Alive baits
    • Berkley Gulp Alive Spray Scent
    • Power Bait Scent
    • Trout Dip
  • Pautzke Liquid Krill
  • Pro Cure:
    • Pro Cure Bait Sauce
    • Pro Cure Bait Oils
    • Pro Cure UV Oil and Liquid
  • Smelly Jelly:
    • Gel Scent
    • Liquid Scent
  • Trout Dip
    Cut Bait and Bait Holders
    for trolling
  • Successful Herring
       Plug Cutting Techniques
  • Advanced Techniques
       for Plug-Cut Herring
  • Atlas Mikes Brite and
       Tight Herring Brine
  • Berkley Cut Bait Strips
  • Brads Super Bait
  • Brads Super Bait
       Cut Plug
  • Challenger Bait Holder
  • E-Rotary Bait Holder
  • Fishcatcher Bait Holder
  • Herring Bait Cutting
       Box and Board
    Fishing Reels
  • Fishing Line
      Winding Service
  • Daiwa Fishing Reels:
    • Daiwa Saltist High Speed Line Counter Reels
    • Daiwa Saltist Ultra High Speed Level Wind Reels
    • Daiwa Sealine Line Counter
  • Okuma Fishing Reels:
    • Okuma Classic Reels
    • Okuma Clarion High Speed Reels
    • Okuma Convector
      Levelwind and
      Line Counter
    • Okuma Magda
      Line Counter Reels
    • Okuma Avenger
      ABF Bait Feeder
      Spinning Reels
    • Okuma Epixor EB
      Bait Feeder
      Spinning Reels
  • Pflueger Fishing Reels:
    • Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel
    • Pflueger President Spinning Reel
    • Pflueger Supreme Spinning Reel
  • Penn Fishing Reels:
    • Fathom Levelwind Trolling Reels
    • Squall Levelwind Trolling Reels
  • Shimano Fishing Reels:
    • Shimano Charter Special Reels
    • Shimano Tekota Levelwind Reels
    • Shimano Tekota Linecounter Reels

    Fishing Rods
  • Fenwick Fishing Rods:
    • Fenwick HMX Steelhead and Salmon Casting Rods
    • Fenwick HMX Steelhead and Salmon Spinning Rods
    • Fenwick HMX Great Lakes Spinning Rods
  • Okuma Fishing Rods:
    • Classic Pro Rods: Downrigger and Dipsy Rods
  • Shakespeare Rods:
    • Ugly Stik Downrigger and Dipsy Trolling Rods
    • Shakespeare Ugly Stik Lite Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rods
  • Shimano Fishing Rods:
    • Shimano Talora Rods
    USA Shipments only!
    Fishing Books, DVDs and Videos
    for Trolling
    • Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing Book: Complete Trollers Guide
    • Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing Book: Essential Tactics and Seasonal Strategies
    • Keating on Kings Book
    • Keating on Kings DVD
    • Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing Made Easy DVD
    • Advanced Tactics for King Salmon DVD
    • Stealth Tactics for Salmon and Trout DVD
    • Best Chance Too Successful Salmon and Trout Trolling DVD
    • Best Chance Too Heavy Metal Trolling with Copper DVD
    • Successful Herring Plug Cutting Techniques DVD
    • Advanced Techniques for Plug-Cut Herring Book
    • Downrigger Fishing Techniques Book
    • Illustrated Rigging for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout Book
    • Trolling Bucktails and Hoochies Book
    • What Fish See Book
    • Bank Fishing for Steelhead and Salmon Book
    • Best Streams for Great Lakes Steelhead Book
    • Steelhead Dreams by Matt Supinski
    • Complete Steelheader Book by John Larison
    • Trout the Complete Guide Book
    • Steelhead Fly Fishing Book by Trey Combs

    Pass the rope through the right pulley of the hanging block. The two pulleys of the top block should now be filled with rope.

    Hook up tackle shop

    Hook up tackle shop